The Golden Beach

the perfect Spot 10 Months years

Leave your Kite where the Nature and the fun meets the spirit of adventure.

Mambrui; a pearl to discover located, more less at 12 km from Malindi town. Mambrui is a side of Kenyan coast to discover; 35 km of wilderness beach, where kiting in complete freedom.

A village where rediscover oneself and one's origins.

90% populated by the Giriama tribe (Ghiriama); known for their affability and sense of rhythm; they will guide you where you want with their PIKI-PIKI.

The Sabaki river Mouth


The Athi-Galana-Sabaki, is the second river longer afther the Tana river. It has a total length of 390 km and a reservoir of 70,000 km².The first part is called Athi; the second part is called Galana or Sabaki.

Find its mouth not far from Mambrui; reachable with a PIKI-PIKI (motorbike) from the beach or from the road.

With the low tide and a bit of luck you can meet the elegant pink flamingos and some Hippopotamus family.


The saltworks of Marereni, Kadzuhoni


Two Villages just north of Mambrui;
the whole economy of these oases in nothing, is based on their salt pans.

The precious "white gold" is extracted directly from the ocean and then sent throughout the Kenya.

The Gongoni vegetable market


Gongoni another agglomeration of houses; known for its fruit and vegetable market, where you can see at work the most skilled traders intent in the art of negotiation




Last part of the cliff, that marks the end of the golden beach; mooring point for lobster and crab fishermen.

A fantastic dive into the past to see how the ocean supports these populations.



Known as "HELL'S KITCHEN" the kitchen of the Devil. Impressive kenyon where the sunset affects the environment creating a reality, almost extra terrestrial.

Lamu Road, Mambrui Golden Beach Area
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